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Kanji: 慚気丸
Romaji: Zankimaru
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Manga Debut: Chapter 7 (mentioned)
Chapter 8 (full appearance)
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Zankimaru (慚気丸, Zankimaru), formerly known as Zan, was once a small shikigami demon but after possessing an anatomy model he gains a new demon body.




First encounter[]

Zan's original form before possessing a anatomy model

Zan was once a small demon living among his kind in the deep valley of the sacred mountains. However he doesn't have any powers and was always being pressured by his fellow demons and because of that he ran away to the city and settled in a building which is actually a high school called Yuunagi Gakuen,He then encounter a anatomy model and decide to possess it.Every night He practice by adjusting his movements to his new body and manifest new powers and then slowly reconfigure his own body to his own liking however he then begins to cause too many incidents in this school that many students even the teachers begin to suspect that some supernatural thing happened.

One night in the library while still practicing his newly acquired powers a young shikigami user named Kyousuke Kagami encounter him, this gives zan a chance to do battle with him using his newly acquired powers he got from his own training .But despite his attempts Kyosuke remains unstoppable and is easily defeated by his non-ordinary power that is Taijutsu.

Zan felt sad that despite his training and acquiring a new body he however is still weak but kyosuke dismiss him as he tells him that in order to be stronger he should co operate with his comrades similar like he has when he co-operated with his friends.Listening to Kyosuke's advice Zan decided to become his comrade and rename himself Zankimaru so he can become stronger and powerful.Thus he became Kyousuke's shikigami.

Zankimaru in the form of a doll

Power & Abilities[]

  • Zanshōheki (慚悔掌)
  • Zankaishō
  • Zanshōheki - Ori no Kata (慚障壁 檻の型)


  • He is based on Momotaros from Kamen rider Den O.
  • According to the Author's notes from Volume 5, Zankimaru was going to appear in the final chapter with a new form one year after forming a contract with Kaito Sumeragi. This new form consisted of a body armor with a cape and flames all over his head; however due to the series cancellation it was never introduced.