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Wataru Omaruda
Wataru omaruda.jpg
Kanji: 尾丸田亘
Romaji: Omaruda Wataru
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Manga Debut: Chapter 30
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Wataru Omaruda  (尾丸田亘, Omaruda Wataru) was the NPA of the National Public Safety Commission Task force for Unidentified Special offenses. He was killed when the Tsuiragi Family turned him into a suicide bomb to attack the Shikigami Association HQ's security system to begin the siege.



Omaruda does not like the Shikigami users because they are considered savages like their ancestors ,He  thinks that they always cause too much more  trouble to the city,He even despise Daikaku idea of using the Unit selection assessment because it would cause problem to the human society.


Daikaku approached Omaruda that he is going to use the Unit selection assessment to form into each groups to fight against the upcoming threat of the evil shikigami users which are attacking the city.However he does not believe him because doing this would cause more problems to the city and will consider the shikigami users as a threat which Daikaku accepts the risk.He gave a last warning to Daikaku that if more terrible incidents happen then they will end up just like the early shikigami users from long ago.


In the office building Omaruda went with his collegues inside a lift when the tsuraigi family kills everyone except Omaruda which they decide to turn him into a suicide bomb to destroy the shikigami association's security system so they will begin their siege and before he was killed by the explosion he warns the shikigami association members to run away before the tsuraigi family attacks them like they did to him.