Competitors for the selective Assesment

Competitors participating for the Unit Selection Assessment during the First Assessment.

Unit Selection Assessment (部隊選考審査, Butai Senkō Shinsa) is a type of tournament created by Daikaku Tsukuma which has every members and group of the Shikigami Association fight each other to become a superior group so they can go to different battles against any evil shikigami users and to prevent any more casualties which has happened during the shikigami associations battle with Kanamaki. The winner of this Assessment will get the title as Unit commander and will lead every unit of the organisation.It was taken place in a "Stadium " in the fifth sacred mountain. It is however cancelled during the final match of the quarter finals when the Tsuiragi Family invaded the Shikigami Association Headquarters so they can enter Hectohell. And it is the reason why Daikaku relocates to the "Stadium" so that he and the competitors will reach to their headquarters in case if the enemy attacks.

First Assessment:Shikigami Grade matchEdit


Second Assessment: Battle tournamentEdit


  • 1st Match

Takumi Karasuma vs Kyousuke Kagami

Winner: Kyosuke Kagami

  • 2nd Match Unknown
  • 3rd match

Kaito Sumeragi vs Kouhei Hiura

Winner: Kaito Sumeragi

  • 4th Match Unknown
  • 5th Match Unknown
  • 6th match

Kaede Himetsuri vs Koudou

Winner: Kaede Himetsuri

  • 7th match

Ruka Inuboshi vs Negura

Winner: Ruka Inuboshi

  • 8th Match

Keiichi Shido vs Susumu Koshimizu

Winner: Keiichi Shido


  • Kyousuke Kagami vs Kaede Himetsuri

Winner: Kyousuke Kagami

  • Kaito Sumeragi vs Kiruhiko Hirasaka

Winner: Kaito Sumeragi

  • Akari Touma vs Keiichi Shido

Winner: Unknown

  • Chihaya Kisaki vs Ruka Inuboshi (Cancelled)


Because of the surprise invasion attack of the Shikigami Association Headquarters by the Tsuiragi Family the tournament was cancelled and there was no winner in this tournament since the semi finals and the finals haven't started


  • It is possible that the cancellation of the tournament is a reference to the mangas cancellation and cause the current "tournament" arc shift into the "Final battle" arc instead