Shikigami Users (式神つかい, Shikigami-tsukai) are humans who control or partner with a shikigami demon.

General informationEdit

To bond a ShikigamiEdit

Kyosuke forms a contract with zankimaru

Zankimaru made a contract with Kyousuke to become his Shikigami

In order for a shikigami user to gain their shikigami,He or she must form a contract with a shikigami demon that resides within a physical object.


Old shikigami users

Shikigami users during ancient times as shown in this picture with one shikigami user sentenced in a deep prison in the caves

In the olden days Shikigami users were once not trusted from the human society because they are considered troublesome and savagery that they remain isolated from them. Humans also believe that the shikigami users powers are more powerful that they will conquer their world which is why some of the Shikigami users at that time were sentenced in deep prisons or death.

Modern shikigami users

Akari,Kouhei and Chihaya three modern shikigami users with their Shikigami's during the siege of the Shikigami Association

In the modern day,Shikigami users mingle with ordinary humans though some do not trust them.Most shikigami users became Special Government law enforcement Officers like the Shikigami Association and later Raven whose mission is to protect the human world from rogue shikigami users who use their powers for their own evil purpose.

Known Shikigami UsersEdit

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