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Headquarters building of the shikigami Association

Shikigami Association (式神協会, Shikigami Kyōkai) is a former Special Government law enforcement shikigami users agency who protect human society from evil shikigami users.


Invasion of The Tsuiragi Family[]

Headquarters under attack during the siege


Remains of the Shikigami Association building about to be demolished 1 year after the invasion

After the battle with the Tsuiragi Family and their failed invasion of Hectohell, the Shikigami Association is forced to disband as the shikigami users are once again isolated from human society since the human world once again do not trust them. However every members of the disbanded Shikigami Association form into different branches in secret in support by the government and secretly continue to protect the human world from evil shikigami users and evil Kodamas away from public view. One of the branches is called Raven.

Known members[]