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Saya Tsukinowa
Kanji: 月輪沙耶
Romaji: Tsukinowa Saya
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Manga Debut: Chapter 7
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Saya Tsukinowa (月輪沙耶, Tsukinowa Saya) is a female student of Yuunagi Gakuen .She is also a classmate of Shikigami user Kyosuke Kagami.



Saya has a tomboyish attitude and just doesn't like weird people as she considered them "gross" including the people who work for the shikigami association.She however has a fascination for mysteries and occult but panics whenever she encounters a real shikigami demon such as Zankimaru for example.


Saya first met Kyosuke on his first day of high school.Every student begin to admire him except Saya herself,She also begins to suspect on Kyousuke's strange habits especially when he talks to his own "scarf" But then one time another incident by an unknown mysterious thing happened as it involves stacking every student seats in a different classroom,However seeing Kyosuke who begins to investigate strange incidents around the school Saya begins to suspect more on him so she decided to secretly follow him just to know if he is doing something more weirder.

At night during Kyousuke's investigation on the mysterious incidents around the school, Saya caught him in the act as she is about to confront him, The perpetrator has appeared in the library and he was revealed to be a Shikigami demon named Zan who possess an anatomy model while trying to practice his powers in this possessed body. And seeing this demon Saya panicked in fear and Kyosuke decided to fight the monster himself,Saya then witness the battle between Kyosuke and Zan until Kyosuke defeats him and after the battle Zan forms a truce with Kyosuke allowing himself to become his shikigami and renaming himself as Zankimaru.

After the battle ends Saya begins to understand that Kyosuke is a shikigami user but begins to appreciate him and decides to keep his secret from now though Kyosuke tells her that incident about tonight's encounter could be kept secret as well.

Power & Abilities[]


  • Her favorite food is Carbonara