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Sakuran (tentative)
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: Oneshot
Japanese Title: さくらん(仮)
Romanized Title: Sakuran (kari)
Total Pages: 21
Year Released: April 1, 2013
Shonen Jump: Issue 2013-18
Chapter Chronology
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Sakuran (tentative) (さくらん(仮), Sakuran (kari)) is a oneshot story created by Toshiaki Iwashiro published in Weekly Shounen Jump in April 2013 and then included in the 4th volume of the Kagamigami manga series.


  • Eita Jinbo
  • Mirika Minazuki


A new school year starts, but Eita is unhappy, due to having allergies in spring, having no girlfriend or even friends. But his real reason to hate the spring is, because at this time, each year and alien he calls Sakuran, shows up. As Eita was teleported again in the alien ship, he started yelling for Sakuran to show up. As Sakuran shows up, he attacks him, but Eita managed to block for which Sakuran complement him. As Sakuran again asked Eita, if he can say his real name, Eita remembered the first time he was taken on this ship 5 years ago.

At that time, Sakuran explained him that, he was from Urara and Eita was chosen as test sample. For 5 years, Sakuran will be observing him and then take him, unless he guess his name.

As Sakuran was listing the bad guesses he made for his name, he asked him if he was even trying. Then he talked about a fight Eita had some time ago, and wondered why he fought, even though it was sure he didn't stand a chance. Eita explained that was due to him making fun of his pendant he always wear. In that moment, Eita remembered a girl from his past and his first love. He then told her name loud and remembered the last time he saw her, while she wanted to go to the 4th peak of a mountain, but Eita didn't go with her.

As Eita was crying remembering that moment, Sakuran took of his mask, revealing he was Mirika and saying that Eita finally got her name right. As she hugged him, she apologized that it had to be done this way, but they have many rules. After that Eita woke up in his bed, thinking that his hallucinations about Sakuran will finally stop. But then in class Mirika was the new transfer student, which shocked Eita. She mentioned that now her mission have changed to more hands-on infiltration, so she will be with him.