Ruka Inuboshi
Ruka Inuboshi
Kanji: 狗星 琉伽
Romaji: Inuboshi Ruka
Status: Alive
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 29
Affiliations: Shikigami Association(former)
Relatives: Father
Manga Debut: Chapter 19
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Ruka Inuboshi (狗星 琉伽, Inuboshi Ruka) is one of the highest ranking members of the Shikigami Association. He is also a member of the powerful shikigami user clans the Inuboshi.


He has long hair and a eyepatch.


Though he is considered a highest ranking member of the Shikigami Association ,Ruka however is a cold hearted person as he treat others as trash to him especially when he beat every opponent during the Grade match of the Unit Selection Assessment. He even thinks that he is considered a powerful leader to any group though he cares for his friend and companion Kiruhiko Hirasaka.

However he has a bit of a change of heart when he was nearly killed by a member of the Tsuiragi until Kiruhiko saved him.


Power & AbilitiesEdit


  • His favorite food is Steak (Rare)


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