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Kanji: 金巻
Romaji: Kanamaki
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Shikigami: Helix
Manga Debut: Chapter 13
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Kanamaki (金巻, Kanamaki) is a shikigami user and an associate to Bou . He was the one who created the Magatsuhi eggs to turn people into artificial Shikigami users.


He wears a lab coat.



Early Life[]

Not much is known about Kanamaki's life but the mention of his early life was that he was a scientist whose experiments are considered failures that he was about to commit suicide until he met Bou in the guise of Hollow Rabbit and made Kanamaki into a shikigami user.

Battle with the Shikigami Association[]

For a year Kanamaki created too many Magatsuhi eggs and brought them to the black market to sell. And at the right moment he begins to turn everyone who brought the eggs turn into monsters to attack the city which to him is his great "research" but fortunately the shikigami association prevented the incident from happening.

As he begins to escape to conduct his next plan he was encountered by Kyousuke (in his Shiro form) and Mako so he unleashed his shikigami Helix to attack them. With the combined might of Zankimaru and a second form of Shiro, Helix is defeated. Kanamaki tried to escape but is caught by Kaito.


Before the siege of the shikigami association Kanamaki was killed in prison.Its unknown if he committed suicide before the attack or it's possible that a member of the Tsuragi family killed him.

Power & Abilities[]