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Daikaku Tsukuma
Daikaku Tsukuma.jpg
Kanji: 九十真 大角
Romaji: Tsukuma Daikaku
Status: Alive
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Shikigami: Golden Whale
Birthday: March 9th
Affiliations: Shikigami Association
Manga Debut: Chapter 19
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Daikaku Tsukuma (九十真 大角, Tsukuma Daikaku) is the strongest shikigami user and the Director of the shikigami association.


He has long hair and a goatee on his chin


Daikaku is considered a courageous Shikigami user and the director of the shikigami association,He cares for his fellow shikigami users and is impressed by their skills including one shikigami user named Kyousuke Kagami

Despite being a strict leader of the Shikigami association Daikaku however has a silly side in him when he greets a woman he accidently says about the size of their breasts such as meeting Mako for example which Tsukasa thinks is a sexual Harassment.Especially when he eats his favorite meal Anpan and milk in the morning and always gives too much information before someone after him is about to give the similar explanation.

Still however whenever a shikigami users made a choice to save the human society but with a greater risk ,Daikaku will take the blame and will take the responsibility of what his fellow shikigami user did .


Power & Abilities[]


  • His favourite food is Anpan and Milk.
  • According to Daikaku's character profile his family consists of a wife who he divorced and a baby daughter