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Johnny1234343 Johnny1234343 17 January 2016

What if we use kickstarter to make the kagamigami manga series into anime?

As you all know the kagamigami series was  cancelled and left with only 39 chapters and like Toshiaki's previous work it didn't get the anime adaptation.

But i was thinking what if we convince Toshiaki Iwashiro to have kagamigami series adapted into a anime series using Kickstarter. (the popular crowdfunding that launches few independent multimedia projects ) 

And to do that we need to negotiate with some anime studio in japan or make our own anime studio in japan (if we are japanese) ,then use a kickstarter site to convince he patrons to donate money for our project which will have only 15 episodes.

We need to give rewards to the donators like character sheet,A special artwork for the anime ,A t-shirt,Some special books ,A thanks from the au…

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